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Easy CountingPlay bridge online: https://skybridgeclub.com.2020-07-05T09:31:47Z4zHKhmAxAWk
Which suit to open?Play bridge online at https://skybridgeclub.com.2020-06-28T09:31:46ZNAj3m3G0NPE
Doubles in BridgeA quick introduction to takeout doubles and penalty doubles in bridge. Play bridge online at https://skybridgeclub.com.2020-06-28T02:32:56ZCzUEEoasNNc
Bridge Bidding SystemSelecting your bidding system at Sky Bridge Club https://skybridgeclub.com.2020-06-28T00:47:15Zx1Ctd1LrpCc
Sky Bridge ClubA quick introduction to playing bridge online at Sky Bridge Club. https://skybridgeclub.com.2020-06-26T07:57:18Z45op6qawopc
Responding 1NTResponding 1NT doesn't promise a balanced hand and it's a great way of keeping the bidding low. https://skybridgeclub.com/livestreams/2020-06-21T08:56:31ZIYVQ4_QxEIA
Simple Overcalls in BridgeWhat is an overcall? When to overcall? A quick lesson on overcalls in bridge. Play bridge online at https://skybridgeclub.com.2020-06-17T02:36:36Zbc5WPRqQHb8
I got squeezedAt Sky Bridge Club, play bridge online against the computer.2020-05-17T21:56:19Z5Jht0EOGrTc
Strange Bidding, Nice Slam2020-02-23T22:02:10ZONojUz77ooA
Bridge Game 16th February, 2020 - Hand 72020-02-17T01:36:56ZA6gDLj6r05c
4 card majors2020-02-09T09:48:07ZdqOwmPy3yAw
1NT or Double?2020-02-02T08:41:07ZA51DH8SxgM0
Smooth Pass2020-01-26T08:54:10Z7C9uio14k8I
Trump Fit?2020-01-11T01:16:46ZSY0rkV6mxro
Gerber - asking for acesLearn more about slam bidding at Sky Bridge Club: https://skybridgeclub.com/learn/slam/2020-01-06T01:51:31ZSnbsSFCWGk4
Unusual 2NTThe Unusual 2NT is one of the bidding conventions used at Sky Bridge Club https://skybridgeclub.com/bidding/2019-12-29T08:23:27ZMsQ8_YMyEQE
Slam Bidding in BridgeEasy introduction to slam bidding with a practice hand to play. https://skybridgeclub.com/learn/slam/2019-12-11T10:44:36Zc02sKXctltw
Bidding to game in bridgeBidding to game in bridge. Learn more: https://skybridgeclub.com/learn/game/2019-12-10T01:23:11ZVWSq4LxS7Ig
Defence in BridgeHow to defend a hand of bridge. Basic strategy. Learn more at Sky Bridge Club: https://skybridgeclub.com/learn/defence/2019-12-02T08:57:55ZSkVcQ1G9HIM
Fourth suit forcingIf three suits have been bid and responder then bids the only remaining unbid suit then that's the fourth suit, of course, and it's forcing to game. It doesn't promise ...2019-09-03T13:46:58Z7vphX_rxoEw
Stayman ConventionThe Stayman convention is used to find a 4-4 major fit after a 1NT or 2NT opening. With two balanced hands and 25+ points, 3NT is often the best contract - but ...2019-09-03T09:16:02ZREj-MkdrlgU
Opening leads in bridgeThe player to the left of the declarer makes the opening lead in bridge. Leads are the only time you have to play a card before seeing dummy so there's always ...2019-09-01T13:47:24ZouuCmL4I_e0
Opening leads - top of a sequenceWhen you have a sequence of touching honours leading the top of that sequence let's partner know about your holding in the suit. The lead of an honour shows ...2019-08-28T13:21:08Zr6-muB4m_zM
Weak Freak in BridgeThe Weak Freak bid by responder is a jump to game showing about 6-9 points, 5 trumps and singleton or void. Often you'll make your contract, sometimes you'll ...2019-08-27T10:59:19ZVs3ms_sHlMk
Leads: Fourth HighestWhen leading a low card from a long suit it's normal to lead your fourth highest. Doing so will help partner know the length of your suit. Play bridge online: ...2019-08-25T12:00:41ZZmqPj4XfKmE
Rule of 11 in BridgeThe Rule of 11 in bridge tells you who has the missing high cards in the suit that was led. It can be used if you think partner has led the 4th highest card in a suit ...2019-08-24T12:54:31ZYe8PvWtU9N4
Opener's Notrump bidsIf you're the opener playing bridge and you have a balanced hand you can describe your hand in just two bids. Learn more about bidding in bridge: ...2019-08-21T13:03:48ZtdjKeQ6L-OE
Declarer play in bridgeWhen you are learning how to play bridge it can be tempting to grab all your quick tricks as soon as possible but you also need to find a way to win extra tricks, ...2019-08-11T05:06:03ZYWsKo5csSmU
Responding to an overcallPlay bridge online: https://skybridgeclub.com/2019-07-31T04:11:30Z08gGxTEbZWo
Drawing trumps in bridgeWhy and when to draw trumps Play this hand at Sky Bridge Club: https://skybridgeclub.com/learn/drawing-trumps/2019-07-17T23:21:03Z8SmBRdiU7bw
Slam bidding and luck in bridgeNo matter how many bridge conventions you learn to help your slam bidding there's still a large element of luck in bridge! The Losing Trick Count mentioned in ...2018-09-26T06:46:31Zk6u60N9ZQFM
Remembering the Cards Played - Sky Bridge ClubPlay bridge online: https://skybridgeclub.com/2017-04-06T23:00:00Z0NKa3zHoizI
Sacrifice Bids in BridgeHaving a 10 card trump fit is a pretty sure sign that you should be in game but it's not a sign that you'll make your game! It's just that even if you don't make your ...2017-04-02T15:00:02ZCNBPuvBk_94
Sky Bridge ClubPlay bridge and become a better player with livestreams, videos and lessons.2011-09-27T20:46:12Z